This is the actual "Real McCoy"! Winner of The Guinness Book of Records HOTTEST PEPPER in the WORLD!


3-Beautiful and "Hot as Heck", "Certified Naturally Grown", FRESH, Carolina Reaper Peppers. Growing in my garden at this very moment. Photos are of the actual peppers harvesting now. We'll continue to harvest peppers up to frost here in GA. Now's the time to get them FRESH. We'll also offer dehydrated and crushed peppers later in the season. Check out our other Carolina Reaper products. Such as Our hot and tangy Carolina Reaper Scuppernine Jam.

You'll receive 3 freshly picked Carolina Reaper Peppers. Each one hand selected and without blemishes or flaws. "Perfect Peppers".

Your order will be shipped Priority Mail and arrive within a couple of days of shipment.

Carolina Reaper Peppers FRESH (7 peppers)


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