CARDINAL CLIMBER Cypress Vine, Hummingbird Vine -- 100 Seeds Ipomoea x multifida

You'll receive 2 packs of seeds w/ 50 seeds in each package along with detailed planting instructions. *Keep all for yourself or share with a fellow gardener*.

Seeds are ORGANICALLY produced and hand selected from a small batch grown on top of a mountain in TN (2014) and available while they last.

Germination tested and guaranteed to grow. (detailed instructions included)

Hummingbirds go wild over this combination. *See Photos* The 2 tone effect of the Ruby Red and Pink look amazing together. This was the first year I tried pink and red together, and had more hummingbirds than any year before. The contrast is eye catching, and (in my opinion) better than just one solid color. The fluffy and airy foliage is emerald green. Great for decks, arbors, posts and trellises. Suitable for pots. Grows to 10-15 feet or more tall. Very long bloom season. Annual.

HEIGHT: 10-15'+ (3.04 - 4.58 m) EXPOSURE: Full Sun SOIL: Well drained GERMINATION: 5-21 days, depending upon growing conditions. Seeds germinate best at temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius).

PLANTING: Sow seeds outdoors 1/4" (1cm) deep and 4-6" (10-15cm) apart after the last frost. Soak in warm water for 24 hours before planting for better results. Keep moist while germinating.

Note* I planted several seeds in a small paper cup, and once germinated, I replanted. They grew like crazy.

Our seeds are sorted by hand, and free of other plant material. Hand sorting assures quality. We provide detailed planting instructions to help guarantee successful germination. We love what we do and hope you enjoy growing beautiful plants from our seeds. Thank You!

Cypress Vine 50 Seeds

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