Glass Gem Corn * Amethyst & Pearls*

After years of selecting the most vibrant and richest shades of purple, lavender and violet we've achieved a spectacular Glass Gem Corn. We're calling this strain Amethyst & Pearls. The photos represent the actual seed in this package.

We are impressed with the size of the ears, the quality of the corn and of course the AMAZING Depth of purples sprinkled with pearlescent whites and creams. This is our very best Glass Gem Corn seed ever produced in these shades. A very special crop indeed.

You'll receive 50 PRIME selected seeds. The seeds in this package are the best of the best. Most of the seeds are selected from the center of the cob. They are the largest and most colorful seeds on the cob. Corn seeds vary in size and uniformity. Tops are small and bottom seeds are small and round. The center seeds are the BEST and those are what you're getting here.....These seed came from a small and stellar crop. We've been growing Glass gem for several years now. We've selected corn with the most abundant color ranges, focusing on pastels, vivids colors and pearl like translucencies. Germination rates are almost 100%. Even the small seeds germinate. However only select seeds have been chosen for sale. Plants grew healthy and strong, and produced a beautiful high quality seed. Only the most beautiful seed were selected and packaged for sale. Grow seeds in clusters or in rows close to each other for best pollination results. Keep the soil moist and warm during the germination, and then water regularly and fertilize several times during the growing season. Wait until the ears are dry before opening the husk. Our seeds are sorted by hand, and free of other plant material. Hand sorting assures quality. We provide detailed planting instructions to help guarantee successful germination. We love what we do and hope you enjoy growing beautiful plants from our seeds. Thank You!

Glass Gem Corn *Amethyst & Pearls* 50 seeds


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