HEIRLOOM. Fragrant 6" flowers open in the evening. You'll receive 50 seeds per package, information and growing instructions and a free wildflower gift.

These old fashioned flowers, as the name implies, open in the evening. As evening falls, you can actually watch them open.

THE MAGICAL MOONFLOWER Ipomoea alba, sometimes listed by its old name, Calonyction aculeatum, is the morning glory's nocturnal counterpart. It has the lush, heart-shaped leaves of a morning glory and big, white, irresistible flowers (those of 'Giant White' are six inches across).

The fragrance is sweet -a pure delight. The flowers open in the late afternoon or early evening, stay open all night to attract pollinating moths, and close the next morning. The vines can grow to 40 feet in the tropics, but reach about 10' to 20' as an annual. Moonflower is an heirloom-it's been listed in catalogs since the 1800s

Moonflower Vine "Giant White" 50 seeds


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