You are truly in for a treat here!


We're extremely proud of our "Smoked Cherry Jalapeno Jelly". Each product offered on our website is the best of the best. We've use only the best ingredients in all our recepes and combined them perfectly to create a delightful taste experience. Our Smoked Cherry Jalapeño is "out of this world". A perfect combination of Hickory smoke, sweetness with just the right amount of heat at the end. This product is so good we plan to enter it in state and national competitions beginning 2018. We feel this is more than a jam, jelly or preserve. The flavors are unique and this product deserves a place on tables at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Smoked Cherry Jalapeño Jelly" (which is actually more like a jam) is perfect spread on toasted bread, hot buttered biscuits, over meats, with cheese or over ice cream. We've even enjoyed it along side our Thanksgiving turkey instead of cranberry sauce. 


It's really that good.


Ingredients: Smoked Cherries, Sugar, Fresh Jalapeños, Pectin

Smoked Cherry Jalapeno Jelly 8 oz


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