Please note* Seeds planted during the fall and winter months are for next season flowers. Plants normally drop their seeds in the fall to start to growing cycle again.

The Bluest of Blues!- This wild flower seed mixture contains only flowers that will have blooms with assorted shades of blue. You'll receive both annuals and perennials specially selected to produce the longest lasting flower display possible. Flowers typically drop their seed in the fall and will re-seed themselves and come back the next spring for another beautiful display of blue wild flowers.

This mixture contains 11 wildflowers, 8 annuals for first-year color, plus 3 perennials for second and successive years' bloom.

Package includes: Anagallis monelli Blue Pimpernell, Centaurea cyanus-Bachelor Button / Cornflower, Cynoglossum amabile-Chinese Forget Me Not, Gilia capitata-Globe Gilia, Linum perenne lewisii-Blue Flax, Lupinus perennis-Perennial Lupine, Lupinus succulentus-Arroyo Lupine, Nemophila menziesii-Baby Blue Eyes, Phacelia campanularia-California Blue Bell, Phacelia tanacetifolia-Lacy Phacelia, Salvia farinacea-Blue Sage.

How to Plant Wildflowers The most natural garden is one composed of wildflowers. If you have the room, you can sow wildflower seeds over a large area of your land and create your own colorful meadow. You also can plant wildflowers in smaller areas, too, if you don't have large areas of land available. For example, some gardeners plant the strip of land between the driveway and property line with wildflowers. Instructions are included. Enjoy!

Wildflower Seeds "Best of the Blues" 1000 seeds


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