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4 weeks - $140 = Cost $5.00 per day. You’ll receive (approximately 40 lbs of produce in total, plus extras)

6 weeks - $205 = Cost $4.88 per day. You’ll receive (approximately 60 lbs of produce in total, plus extras)

8 weeks - $250 = Cost $4.46 per day. You’ll receive (approximately 90 lbs of produce in total, plus extras)

10 weeks - $299 = Cost $4.27 per day.  You’ll receive (approximately 120 lbs of produce in total, plus extras)

12 weeks - $336 = Cost $4.00 per day. You’ll receive (approximately 150 lbs of produce in total, plus extras)

Future membership packages will be available at a later date with special rates for returning members.

Have special requests? No problem! If you see items on our list you prefer and others you don't... just let us know. We'll make sure to customize your basket as close as we can to fulfill your specific needs. Our products are grown seasonally. Some items are only available for a couple of weeks, while others produce all season. 

Each week you’ll receive a generous selection of available products. The focus is on fresh produce. However, each week you’ll receive something extra. There will always be a generous assortment of baked goods, and other special items, such as: cut flowers, sauces, Jams and jellies etc.

As the season continues, we’ll add leafy greens, Brussels sprouts, and root plants to our product line.

*Please note* The weight is a estimate. Some items will weigh more than others and the total weight per basket may be more or less. Tomatoes and melons weigh more than herbs. However, we guarantee your package will contain above and beyond the value you'd pay at the Markets. After all...we want to dazzle you with our products. Our goal is to provide a quality product in abundance for a reasonable price and have you return again and again. 

What to expect in your basket during July, August, and Sept.

Corn (sweet)

Heirloom Tomatoes (several Varieties)

Okra Green and Red burgundy

Squashes and Zucchini (Several types)

Peas and Beans Cowpeas, runners, Red Yard long

Herbs (Fresh and dried)

Dehydrated Tomatoes and Peppers

Hot Peppers Fresh

Sweet Peppers Fresh

Malabar Spinach

Jams, Jellies, Pickles, relishes, sauces

Baked goods (Rolls, Bread, Sweet cakes and pastries)

Plants (House plants and exotic ornamental plants)

Cut flowers (Assorted)

The list is long and will be updated

Memberships available for July 1, 2017 through September 2017. Click Here!


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