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You'll receive a beautiful, healthy, well established plant. (As seen in photos) Each plant is currently growing in 6" pots and is 6 to 8" tall with multiple leaves and nodes. The soil will be removed and roots packed in wet moss for the purpose of shipping.

Birkin Philodendron Plant Features
Birkin philodendron is a relatively new -- and especially trendy -- philodendron variety that boasts large, dark green leaves liberally streaked in creamy white. Each leaf is different so you can enjoy an ever-changing display throughout the year.

A slow-growing houseplant, it makes for an excellent addition to your favorite desk or tabletop when young. As it matures, it can reach 3 feet tall and wide or so as a houseplant. Believed to be a sport of Red Congo, Birkin is a self-heading philodendron (meaning it does not climb and is self supporting). You sometimes see Birkin produce leaves with red patches, or leaves that are entirely reddish-green

Birkin Philodendron Plant

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