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Shipping April/May. AVIALABLE NOW

Special Season price includes 2 large plants at least 15" tall. Shipped bare root. (soil removed)


This beautiful plant is well established with roots and foliage. Specimen are between at least 15" tall and grown in 4" container. Roots are in-cased in plastic bag,


Recent feedback: Incredible! Big beautiful plants. I did not expect them to be so good for the $$ 


Colocasia antiquorum 'Illustris", is a black-leaved elephant ear with striking vibrant emerald green stems. Proliferates in moist soil but will also thrive in regular garden soil. Plant in light shade for deeper black coloring, but readily accepts full sun. Colocasia Illustris makes a dramatic impact in the landscape within just one season, reproducing with runners, but is not invasive and easily contained. The plant can reach heights of 4 feet, but a more common size is 2 1/2 to 3 feet. The plant makes a beautiful houseplant and it always attracts attention. This plant can also be used as a bog plant or submerged in a pot in your fish pond. Hardy in warmer zones.

Do not allow to freeze. You can bring them in for the winter and take them back out after last frost. After wintering the plant will make lots of new plants in the spring. You will receive 1 plant at least 15" tall. (I'll even give larger plants while they last) The plant will be packed with most of the soil removed and wrapped to retain moisture.

Black Beauty Elephant Ear (Colocasia antiquorum 'Illustris") 2 Large Plants

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