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Another *Special Price, Limited Offer!*

We offer several Special Priced *Bare Root* starter plants to help start new gardens. These are slightly smaller than our premium Larger bulbs. With basic care these will grow as large and produce beautiful, extremely fragrant white flowers for years.

You'll receive at least 1 actively growing Rhizome ready to plant. These are not dry dormant bulbs. We ship beautiful fresh, bare root, growing plants. If purchased during winter months simply plant in soil and keep indoors until warm weather. Butterfly Ginger hardy to zone 7 and up.


The butterfly ginger lily is a half-hardy, perennial, flowering plant. The blooms are strongly scented and quite intoxicating. The plants are part of the marginal rainforest community in tropical Asia. As such, providing partial shade and organic-rich, moist soil is key to growing Hedychium ginger lilies.


Caring for Butterfly Ginger Lilies Hedychium needs even moisture for the best performance. When the flowers are all spent, cut off the stem to allow the plant’s energy to direct towards the rhizomes. Keep the foliage well-tended until it dies back, as it will keep collecting solar energy to store for the next season’s bloom They come in many different forms, but my favorite type is the plain old white version. It’s extremely fragrant. If you’ve ever appreciated the smell of a gardenia, Butterfly ginger is at least that fragrant if not more. It will fill up a whole room.


These bloom in the summer and late fall until the first frost. White butterfly ginger is fairly hardy for our area. If you mulch it, it comes back just fine. The foliage, 4-6′ tall, is a wonderful vertical texture to the shade garden.

Fragrant White Butterfly Ginger *Bare Root Starter Plant*

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