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Taking preseason orders NOW. Shipping April through May depending on area.

A beautiful and prolific Gold Angel Trumpet. This plant grows a large deep rich yellow with a slight hint of orange. Extremely easy to grow. Comes back every year in zones 7 and up. Can be grown in northern states with winter protection.

These are established plants growing in one-gallon pots. Not sticks.

Plants are 12 to 24" tall and will be shipped bare-root.

Please note plants will be shipped in USPS long tube box. All plants are shipped by priority mail which means 2 to 3 days (depending on your location). We remove most of the leaves and all the soil (bare-root). The roots will be wrapped in wet moss and encased in plastic bags. This is the best way to keep roots and stems healthy.

When you receive the package place roots into water and keep moist until repotting or transplanting. It's best to transplant into soil within a couple days. Keep plant in dappled sunlight for a few days before moving into direct sunlight. Do not be concerned if all leaves are gone. She is simply waiting for her new home.

Gold Angel trumpet Plant (Brugmansia)

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