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The amazing Hyperion Daylily is an old fashioned *TALL and SHOWY* perennial. We offer several Special Priced *Bare Root* starter plants to help start new gardens. These are slightly smaller than our premium Larger fans. With basic care these will grow as large and produce beautiful, fragrant sunshine yellow flowers for a lifetime.

Hyperion Daylilies are one of the strongest and most dependable daylilies around. You'll receive a large exceptional bulb with or more actively growing fans. (This is not a dry dormant bulb). Our plants are large healthy and growing with foliage. Plant in ground after last frost in early spring. If purchased during winter months just plant in a container until warmer temperatures arrive. Hardy in ground in zones 3 to 10. Comes back every year. Plants are shipped bare root and ready to plant. Although Hemerocallis (Daylily) 'Hyperion' has been around since 1925, the plant remains unsurpassed in its color class. It's one of the great performers. Canary-yellow flowers are carried in profusion above vigorous clumps of grasslike foliage. The flowers, which retain a light, sweet fragrance lost in most modern hybrids, show mid-July through August at our farm. Daylilies (properly, Hemerocallis) are the plants every gardener dreams of. They offer glorious flowers in every shade except blue, a long season of bloom (though individual flowers last but a day), and a robust disposition that makes them easy to transplant, easy to maintain, quick to multiply, and resistant to pests. They make a carefree and colorful ground cover. Hyperion daylilies will outperform lesser grades offered elsewhere. Characteristics (Compared to Other Daylilies) Mid Season Bloomer, blooming in July. Rebloomer, producing a second set of flowers. Extended Bloom with flowers staying open at least 16 hours. Fragrant flowers. Dormant foliage. Diploid with 22 chromosomes.

Hyperion Daylily (Bare root starter plant)

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