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Orange Ginger Lily Plant w/2 to 3 eyes..


Gorgeous and hard to find orange Ginger.


Coral Orange Hedychium Butterfly Ginger is a tropical perennial and a cousin of culinary ginger, and is one of the most attractive of all gingers.This variety is rare for its color which is a salmon/peach/coral/pinkish orange color and very strikingly stunning.


Grows best in semi-shaded areas but can live well in full sun if given continual moist soil. From midsummer through autumn, it bears clusters of coral orange flowers 6-15 in. long fragrant flowers that are good for cutting, and attract butterflies and other pollinators. Leaves are lance-shaped and sharp-pointed, 8-24" long and 2-5" wide. They reach 7-9 feet in my garden making the beautiful blooms visible above the fence and other plants.


Photos are taken here on my farm. These are the actual flowers of the plants you'll receive.


You'll receive 1 healthy, bare root plant. Some of the leaves may be trimmed in order to fit package. The plant will consist of a nice rhizome with 2 or more eyes.


Soil will be removed and roots packed in wet moss.


These plants grow easily in full to partial shade and multiply quickly.

Orange Ginger Lily Plant w/2 to 3 eyes

1.5 Pounds
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