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Originally from South American. This plant is difficult to find.

The leaves are bright green, oblong and dotted with white to silver spots. My plants have grown 3 to 4 feet tall, and just as wide. This plant blooms throughout the year, but really went crazy during the warm growing season.

It grows well in full to partial sunlight, and does well in well drained moist (not wet) soil. However, at the peak of summer it did prefer a little more shade.

This plant is easy to propagate. Cuttings can be started in a glass of water on the window seal. Or you can plant them directly into rich soil and keep watered well until they take root. I prefer to let mine root in water, so I can see the roots before I plant them

Tamaya begonia plants make beautiful house plants and fantastic garden plants in the summer. These are tropical and will not survive freezing weather.

Rare Tamaya Begonia Plant

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